Jane smiling standing at a gate with a hand painted sign that says Pukerua Bay Community Garden and Food Forest

As the Covid-19 virus re-emerges in our communities and we are back into the restrictions of Level 2 and 2.5, our need for inter-connectedness is highlighted. I believe strongly in building relationships between people and strengthening communities, this is really important both professionally and in life in general. Image: Three promotional poster designs for my […]

While there are no absolute rules, there are some common practices for numbering a document that will be physically printed. 1) Position of odd and even page numbering Start the numbering on a right-hand page so odd numbers (1,3,5…) always fall on the right-hand page of a spread and even numbers (2,4,6…) are always on […]

It’s that time of year again when organisations start to think about their annual reports. It’s a busy time for us graphic designers as we embrace the challenge of making these documents look enticing and easy to read. What is an annual report ? “The report on an incorporated company’s affairs that must be sent to shareholders […]

Large format display sizes compared to a human silhouette

Sometimes bigger actually is better. Many occassions, like trade shows, construction projects or events, may require larger format displays to be designed. These tend to be less standardised that the ‘A’ paper size system and may differ slightly from each supplier. Pull-up banners and flags can vary so it’s important for you, or your designer, […]

Standard poster sizes in relation to a person's silhouette

Most of us are familiar with an A4 sheet of paper, but it can be harder visualising how large an A1 poster will look or how an A6 postcard might fit into your hand. Here’s a handy collection of all the ‘A’ paper sizes together measured in mm, as well as a standard business card. […]

Today’s challenges are making us all take a look at our businesses and what we need to be doing differently. It’s shining a spotlight on our weaknesses and maybe giving us the motivation to take action on changes that have been on the to do list for a while. Which is why I said ‘Yes’ […]