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Large format display sizes

Large format display sizes compared to a human silhouette

Sometimes bigger actually is better. Many occassions, like trade shows, construction projects or events, may require larger format displays to be designed.

These tend to be less standardised that the ‘A’ paper size system and may differ slightly from each supplier. Pull-up banners and flags can vary so it’s important for you, or your designer, to get the correct specifications from the signage company, printer or supplier to ensure the artwork is set up to their particular sizes and requirements.

To imagine how large a pull-up banner or flag would be in the real world I’ve used common sized items in this visual as a starting point.

Large format display sizes compared to a human silhouette

Coreflute, and other signage materials, come in standard sheet sizes. Unless you need a specific size, working with standard sheet sizes (such as planning to use a half or quarter sheet) will reduce wastage and can be more cost effective.

While coreflute is light and inexpensive it has a limited shelf life so is ideal for short-term use. For signage and displays that need to be durable and last longer term Aluminium Composite Panel (ACM) is popular and can be digitally printed and cut down to standard sizes and shapes.

For help visualising standard ‘A’ paper and poster sizes check out my ‘A’ what? blog.