Do you fancy doing things yourself? Here are some resources to get you started.

See your business or organisation through your customer’s eyes

Get your easy to follow visual audit checklist

A visual audit is a great tool to take an objective look at your business or organisation through your customers’ eyes. See how you appear in the physical and digital world. It can show any glaring inconsistencies in your branding or if it’s time for a rebrand.

Download  Visual Audit checklist here

Need help with your web content? 

The perfect recipe for creating awesome web content

Creating content for your website is a bit like baking a cake – there’s a lot that goes into it before you get a great result. I’ve been working on a joint project to make writing for the web a whole lot easier. 

The perfect recipe for creating awesome web content gives you a step-by-step approach to planning your content, creating it, making it look awesome, ensuring your website is searchable, and then letting everyone know about it. You can grab your copy from our Collaboration Station website. 

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Know your customer

Create an in-depth profile of your ideal customer 

When you develop website content you need to really understand your customers so that your content appeals to them. Most people these days are time-poor – you have a few seconds to capture their attention when they land on your site. 

You want to make sure they’re going to stay and explore by providing relatable content.
One of the best ways to get this understanding is to draw up some personas or avatars of your ideal customer. 

We’ve developed this resource as part of a collaboration I’ve been working on to make writing for the web so much easier! 

Download our free worksheet here!