Building a sense of community

Jane smiling standing at a gate with a hand painted sign that says Pukerua Bay Community Garden and Food Forest

As the Covid-19 virus re-emerges in our communities and we are back into the restrictions of Level 2 and 2.5, our need for inter-connectedness is highlighted. I believe strongly in building relationships between people and strengthening communities, this is really important both professionally and in life in general.

3 RSA posters against a plain grey wall
Image: Three promotional poster designs for my local RSA club.

In practice in my professional life this means I have regular clients, some of who I’ve worked with for over a decade. I also enjoy strong collaborative relationships with other complementary businesses (communication professionals, website strategists, photographers etc). And I appreciate the ongoing support and friendships of networking groups like Chrysalis for Women.

Three tea towels hanging on a clothes line. Each with a typographic design.

Image: Fundraising tea towel design for my local school. 

As a creative, my support often looks like a poster here, a sign there and a tea towel design that pops up everywhere. My volunteer work often has the added bonus of being fun creatively or is a project that’s a bit different and offers an opportunity to learn new skills or information. A win/win!

Brazilian Drum on a yellow background with the words Wellington Batucada Gala Event.

Image: Invite design for Brazillian drumming group, Wellington Batucada. 

Sometimes my interest is more about creating a special community space – my ‘Book shed in the Bay’ free book exchange has proved very popular.

Small wooden book shed attached to a fence

Image: One of the growing number of local free book exchanges.

And if you are stopping to browse for a book and you want to stop and flick through it, or just enjoy the sunshine, it’s nice to have a place to sit and contemplate.

White painted bench seat in a grassed area. The words "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".

So, in the face of uncertainty let’s spread a little kindness where we can.